Custom Cabinets & Innovative Hardwood Furniture

Custom Hardwood End TableOffering unique and innovative woodwork solutions for storage, display, organizational, and high-tech device uses.

Custom Household Cabinets

Designing and building custom cabinets that can blend with any household layout and use.

Custom Furniture

Designing and building custom furniture from hardwoods that incorporate innovative features and creative styling.

Custom Entertainment Stands & TV Ledges

Accomodating thin profile TVs with solutions of slender stands or ledges that match, as well as the need for DVD and other audio accessory storage.

Custom Signs

Producing any size or shape sign from weather-resistant materials to match your graphic specifications.

Slab Flattening

Routing a tree slab flatWe are able to flatten a tree slab or wooden plank up to 9ft x 4ft x 5" thick, both sides ending up flat and parallel. This picture shows the slab on the CNC router as the routing process begins.  At this time, please request information and describe the slab you need worked on.