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Course Accomplishments - MPTC Course 152-112-10264: HTML/XML

  • Created web pages using basic HTML coding using editing tools NotePad++ and Komodo Edit.
  • Utilized CSS coding to enhance web pages with color, images, and graphic design.
  • Incorporated intermediate and advanced CSS techniques into web pages.
  • Created a resume web page with a relevant LinkedIn link.
  • Constructed a web page form to gather data and submit it to a remote server.
  • Created an XML Document using a DTD and a schema definition.
  • Validated HTML and CSS code with industry-standard validation tools.
  • Compiled a web site portfolio project.


The purpose of this page is to provide a 'home site' where I can summarize the HTML class accomplishments and create a base link to the site. The common nav bar created clarifies the different pages' content and provides a consistent area to display the links to the pages created during the course.

Note: I included HTML and CSS validation links on each page for the benefit of fellow students and my instructor to see the validation results.